Food Program

At Morey Public School Academy, we work closely with Chartwells, a dining services company, to offer daily breakfast and lunch menus. Chartwells provides nutritionists that work closely with our administration to create innovative nutrition programs for students.

Through Chartwells, Morey participates in the Chartbusters program which provides nutrition information for students using their Eat.Learn.Live. characters- Theodore Eat, Sydney C. Learn and Ava Live. These campaigns build excitement for children using cool graphics and messages to relate wellness messages to elementary and middle school students.

Along with the daily breakfast menu, cereal and a choice of fruit is available every day.

As an alternative to the lunch menu, a triple decker peanut butter & jelly sandwich with baby carrots, fruit and milk are available daily.

Lunch price is cbp 2.75, breakfast price is 1.75 and milk .45

Instructions for completing Morey Montessori’s Lunch Program Form

Download Morey Montessori’s Lunch Program Forms Here!

Summer Food Service Program Outreach: