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IGNiTE Curiosity!

An experiential, hands-on week of elective courses!

The Morey Montessori IGNiTE Term is an experiential learning week from January 25—29. Through unique field trips and hands-on learning experiences, students will have the opportunity to engage in learning activities not typically offered in a traditional school setting. These opportunities will enhance the academic requirements of Morey Montessori while allowing our students to interact with new mediums of learning.  Through multi-age level formatted classes, our teachers will share their knowledge, passion, and expertise with the Morey Montessori student body.

During IGNiTE Your Child Will:

  • Connect the academic curriculum to a new, real-world experience
  • Communicate what the joy of learning feels like
  • Use their own unique voice to make our learning community better

Our staff has been working diligently to prepare a week of unique educational experiences for our students at Morey.  I am beyond thrilled with the creativity and imagination they have displayed in these course designs.  It is our hope that each student at Morey will find in this IGNITE Course Catalog, classes which trigger their curiosity and ignite a desire to learn!

Mr. Johnson

Course Catalog

Check Out Our Courses!

Our IGNiTE Course Catalog is designed with information for each course being offered during the January 16-20 IGNiTE Term.  We would encourage you and your child to sit down together, read through each course description offered to their grade level, and decide which courses most interest them!

  • Take the Stage!
  • Story Telling
  • Rock On Climbing
  • CPR/ First Aid
  • Rock On Bouldering!
  • Gross Science
  • Let’s Volunteer
  • Nature Explorers!
  • Snowshoeing/CC Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Performing Arts
  • Morey Art Prize!