School Tour and Interview

The Tour

Tours are offered to students and their families after their interview. These tours are given by one of our lead staff members and last about twenty minutes and serve as an introduction to the Montessori environment at Morey Public School. Tours include a walk around of our beautiful facility, meeting our staff and viewing a short video.

Admissions Interview

Morey Public School Academy believes an admissions interview is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the Academy, and for the Academy to learn more about you.

Admissions interviews are required for all applicants in all grade levels. Once the school office receives an application, the parents are then contacted to arrange an interview. Usually, our appointments are scheduled to last for about fifty minutes. We do ask that both parents/guardians come with the child since the process is designed to include families as well as students. At least one parent/guardian is required.

During the interview, we will help you understand the programs and services offered at Morey. Our objective is to facilitate your introduction to the Academy in the easiest and most informative way. We hope, too, that you will find the process fun and interesting.

While we will provide a general overview of the school and the opportunities available, most people find it helpful to spend some time prior to your visit discussing some specific questions for which you seek answers. We encourage you to bring these questions with you to the visit.