Middle School Grades 7 & 8


In order to build on the strengths of the Montessori Elementary program, and provide an appropriate learning environment for adolescents, we are making changes in our 7th/8th grade Middle School Program. We will continue with a multi-age classroom, building a community of learners who help govern the working of their classroom, with guidance from their head teacher and classroom assistant.

Key Components:

  • Daily class meetings to discuss projects, concerns, schedules, conflict resolution, and acknowledge progress, victories, and kindnesses.
  • Integrated curriculum in order to make learning and exploration more meaningful.
  • Individualized learning plans and work plans to facilitate meeting each student’s needs.
  • Projects and opportunities to research subjects of special interest.
  • Curriculum which helps prepare students to succeed academically now and in the future.
  • Character Education, Peace Education, and Conflict Resolution lessons in order to create a safe, supportive environment free from harassment and bullying.