At a special board meeting held on Thursday, June 15, to discuss the future of Morey Montessori Public School Academy, the board indicated that the school should close due to its current state of fiscal viability. This was made official on Monday, June 19, at the regularly scheduled board meeting.

“It was with great sadness that we faced making such a difficult decision,” said Board President Bob Howell. “We have pride in our school, our talented and treasured teachers, our students and our unique Montessori curriculum offering. However, this decision, like all our decisions, was made based on what is best for the children we serve. With the significant financial disadvantages that the academy faced, we simply would not be able to uphold the integrity of our educational offerings. From this point, our first priority is to help support our school community and ensure our staff and families secure their new school home for the fall.”

The per-pupil income for the 2016-17 school year budget at Morey Montessori was based on 114 students. The projected enrollment for the 2017-18 school year decreased to approximately 70 students. This significant decrease in enrollment equates to a loss in academy funding of approximately $330,000.

To the families of Morey Montessori…

We are so grateful for your trust and your passion for our vision: to offer tuition-free Montessori to all. We have had many wins and celebrations along the way, and we are so grateful that you allowed all of us to share a part of your child’s life and educational journey. While we are at a place of significant change, trust that we will do everything we can to support you during this time.